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Silk by Meena-  Who is Meena?


My life, style and passions spring from a place where the East and West have met. I’ve enjoyed a wonderful celebration of Eastern heritage that has been nurtured from my mother’s love and also the Western world of opportunities throughout my whole life.
I’ve always had a creative side, a love I was able to develop as I taught in primary schools and worked with vulnerable children. I also knew I wasn’t the only woman who loved Eastern and Western fashion; I love British designer Vivienne Westwood’s quirkiness and individuality, but I also adore the elegant extravagance of Manish Malhotra’s Bollywood designs.
So I decided to take my love for creativity and design to bring the East and West fashions together myself, creating a fusion of the cultures. I searched far and wide to bring together a unique and exclusive collection, and complemented the selection with my own designs. Now you can find dresses in SILKbyMeena that are fit for both Hollywood and Bollywood.

Knowledge didn’t make Vivienne Westwood and Manish Malhotra successful – they didn’t even initially train in fashion. It was their need to express themselves through their designs; I share that need. Like Vivienne and Manish I wasn’t formally trained, but forged my eye for colour and detail throughout my life.

When I made my marriage vows, I didn’t wear the traditional red many beautiful Eastern brides marry in – I wore an ivory gown. But I made sure that my dress reflected my Eastern roots too. I share this story because my choice of wedding gown was one step in the journey towards SILKbyMeena

What is my vision for SILKbyMeena?

To offer the world a new style that celebrates the beauty of the East and the West, as a fusion of cultures. To celebrate the joining of these two wonderful cultures through fashion. The gowns I choose and the dresses I design are an expression of who I am and where I come from – but they’ve also helped other women express their style and individuality. SILKbyMeena Is a celebration of the East and West through fashion, for weddings, proms and many other special occasions. These two distinct styles complement each other beautifully, whether a woman is looking for sophistication or glamour, the glitz or the sleek.

Before I began designing, my creativity flowed from working with children. I believe that SILKbyMeena can make a difference even beyond fashion, and as the business grows in success it will help vulnerable children to find the opportunities they deserve. As I partner with other designers to bring the best of the East and West together, I’ll also be partnering with organisations that are making a difference in children’s lives throughout the world.
Now is the time to channel my creative passion and flair for beauty through design. Fashion is a beautiful expression of cultures, and I am grateful every day to see the best of Eastern and Western culture in my boutique and dresses


What special service can Meena provide?

Meena provides a stylist service for your special event. This involves coming along to the showroom and discussing what your perfect outfit would look like. This means identifying what colours are suitable for your skin type, appropriate styles for your body shape, what kind of fabrics you would prefer and what kind of budget you have in mind. 


Meena has personally styled a number of celebrities that have been in the limelight for special events and promotional opportunities. These include an Awards Ceremony and HELLO magazine shoot, as well as others in the most recent order:


RUPALI- as a female nominee as best female artist category attending the Brit Asia Awards 2017. Rupali felt and looked amazing in front of the cameras showing off this stunning satin and silver rhinestone embellished 2 piece gown.





FARAH SATTAUR - Model and  'Ex on the Beach TV' reality personality at Alan Strutt's (celebrity photographer) Studio in central London.  Farah looked exquisite  and relished the posing when Alan shot her in these four amazing Red Carpet designs, which are available now to hire or as custom made orders.






MISS ASIAN INTERNATIONAL 2016-2017- attended the Olympia Wedding Exhibition as a special guest attracting so much attention  and enjoyed it too wearing the SILKbyMeena white bridal range available to view in the showroom only.




DANIELLE BUX (FORMERLEY LINEKER)- for the HELLO magazine photoshoot where Meena was involved in providing a number of outfits for the shoot. including the stunning dark green lavish Bollywood design, a gorgeous pastel blue gown and a unique gold crochet gown especially selected and prepared for shoot, which was also shot by the HELLO magazine photographer Alan Strutt.

 Hello Magazine PhotoShoot Danielle Bux




JASMIN WALIA- Music artist and former 'TOWIE' and 'DESI RASCALS' enjoyed a styling opportunity when she wore this gorgeous custom made pink lace gown with a sheer leg (as optional) design to a personal event of her own.





SANGEETA BHABRA-  Meridian News Presenter attended and presented the 2015 Reading Retail Awards. She had a great night in her eye catching cerise gown with an elaborate embellishment on the waist area. 






Feel free to come and visit a site there are more designs to discover!                            

At the showroom there are a range of designs that celebrate a fusion of the Eastern and Western cultures, and this is reflected in the unique clothing we offer to our multi-cultural customers. Silk By Meena has a variety of exclusive collections that are carefully created and selected from different parts of the world. 

SILK By Meena Clothing Rail


Founded in 2013 by entrepreneur Meena Chhokar, Silk by Meena offers a unique personal service to our clients from anywhere in the world and ensures that they are happy in the decision that they make when selecting their special outfit. This can be done at the Silk showroom in Reading, Berkshire where ladies can comfortably try on outfits that they may have seen online and also have them tailored on request. 






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